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Guide to TCL scripting for Eggdrop 1.6

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A.2 CTCP's

You can send a CTCP by putting a code like the color decoration code described in Chapter 12.5 at the start of your message.
The code for a CTCP is \001 followed by the type of CTCP you want to send and after that you can put in any parameters you'd like.

For example if you want to send a CTCP PING to somebody the syntax would be putserv "PRIVMSG <nickname/channel> :\001PING $nick".

Note that many clients do not accept lowercase CTCP's, so make sure the CTCP you are sending is upper case.

There is one CTCP type that isn't really a CTCP, but has to be called upon like you are sending a CTCP. This is the "ACTION" type.
The "ACTION" type is what you get when you use the command "/me" in mIRC or BitchX for example.
For example if you want to get "/me feels tired." the syntax would be putserv "PRIVMSG <nickname/channel> :\001ACTION feels tired.".

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