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Guide to TCL scripting for Eggdrop 1.6

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12.5 Text decoration

It's also possible to decorate your text a little bit.
Like mentioned in Chapter 3.3 you can use special codes to underline your text for exmaple.
Besides underlining you can also make it bold and give it a color. You use these codes by just putting them between the pieces of text you want decorated.

The code for underlining is \037, the code for bold is \002 and the code for colors is \003 which is followed by the number of the color.
The newest versions of mIRC have a nice pop-up box that shows up when you type CTRL+K to make a color. The numbers inside the colors are the same numbers to use here in the color code.

You start and end the places where you want your decoration to start and stop with the same code you started the text decoration with.
For example "Hello \002$nick\002, welcome in $chan." would result in only "$nick" being in bold or "Hello \002\0034$nick\003\002, welcome in \037$chan\037." would result in "$nick" being in bold and in the color red and "$chan" underlined.
Note that when the end of the color decoration is defined only the code itself needs to be specified and not the number of the color, if you specify the number of the color again it would just make the text switch to that color again and not show any difference.

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