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Guide to TCL scripting for Eggdrop 1.6

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6.5 Changing channel modes

There are two ways to change channel modes.
These are doing it manually with a putserv command or using the pushmode command which is meant for it and is also faster.
The pushmode command bulks up all the mode changes until the script or procedure has ended and than tries to send as many modes at once to the IRC server (if you've done 3x +o, the bot will make it 1x +ooo if your IRC server allows it).
The syntax of a pushmode command is pushmode <channel> <mode> [parameters].

The <channel> is which channel the mode change must affect.

The <mode> is the mode change you want.
This can be something for the channel itself (like +i or -m) or it can be something towards a user on the channel (like +v or -o).

The [parameters] are the parameters for the mode change.
If you are setting or unsetting a key on the channel for example this would be the key you want to place on or remove from the channel or if you are opping somebody this would be the nickname you want to op.

NOTE: You can only perform ONE mode change per pushmode command.
So using -ooo as <mode> would not work. The bot will do this for you after the script or procedure ends.

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