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Guide to TCL scripting for Eggdrop 1.6

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6.4 Sending commands to other bots

There are two commands with which you can send commands to other bots.
These are putbot and putallbots.
As you might have guessed, putbot will send the command to a specific bot and putallbots will send the command to all the bots that are currently linked.
The syntax of a putbot command is putbot <botnet-nick> <command> and
the syntax of a putallbots command is putallbots <command>.

The <botnet-nick> is the botnet-nick (usually the same as the normal nick) of the bot to which you want to send the command to.

The <command> is the command you want to send and the parameters with it.
The first word is the actual command you want to send and what bind bot will react on and the rest is extra information or parameters that you want to send with it which are placed in the last parameter of the procedure.
Note that here, like with the set command, you have to enclose <command> between quotes.

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