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Guide to TCL scripting for Eggdrop 1.6

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6.2 Sending output to a user

You can send output to a user on the partyline with the command putdcc.
The standard syntax of a putdcc command is putdcc <idx> "<text>".

The <idx> is to which socket the bot must send the output to.
Every in- and outgoing connection of your bot has a so-called socket number.
Such a connection can be the connection to the IRC server, a linked bot or a user who is on the partyline.
You can see the socket numbers of your bot that are currently in use with the dccstat command in the partyline.
Some binds, like bind dcc, send the socket number of the user who executed the command to the procedure after which you can use that socket number to send information directly to that user alone with the putdcc command.

The <text> is what you want as output.
For example, putdcc $idx "Hello" would send the text "Hello" to the socket number that is in $idx.

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