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Guide to TCL scripting for Eggdrop 1.6

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5.1 What variables are

Variables are used in almost every TCL script. I haven't seen a TCL script yet that didn't use them. A variable is simply said something in which you can store information.
This information can be anything and is dynamic. It can be different each time you run your procedure or script.

In many programming languages there are different types of variables. You would have to declare each variable and also if it is a number or if it contains letters.
This doesn't apply for TCL. In TCL every variable is a so called string, meaning that it doesn't matter if it contains letter or numbers, it can be one of those or both.

This limits the things you can do with it a bit but it also makes the language a whole lot easier.
From now on I'll also refer to a variable as a string.

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