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Guide to TCL scripting for Eggdrop 1.6

This Guide is optimized for Eggdrop 1.6.
With a few minor adjustments you can also use this Guide to write scripts for Eggdrop 1.3 and 1.4.
If you want to write scripts for older Eggdrops like 1.1.5, then you should try an other Guide (see here), because too much has changed since those versions.

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Last updated on February 27th, 2002 - Current release is v1.10


Last updated on Dec 31st 07/Jan 1st 08 due the downtime of the original suninet. Greetings and much thanks go out to the ones responsible for the original site - copied and modified it a little bit so this site still lives on to help others as well as it helped me in the first place.

Unfortunately the whole first section reaching from 1. until 1.6 is offline - Hope this is not gonna make any problems according to the whole copyright and permission thingie - btw: making this whole site work was quite some work ;)

Doings so far: shortened the website code, optimized it and removed unnecessary codelines, also updated a few features. Replaced the php code with html code which shouldnt be a problem at all since the website is still fully functional ;)

Im also planning in updating this guide. Or lets say im planning in extending this guide with new features like mysqltcl and probably a few other features - nobody knows at this very momemt. But hey - hope you gonna enjoy this "backup" of the original suninet. Msg me if you encounter any errors on this website (contact info is being updated soon....)



1. Introduction

2. IRC and Eggdrops

3. The TCL Language

4. Binding events and creating procedures

5. Variables

6. Outputting information

7. Running commands under certain conditions

8. Working with lists

9. Working with strings

10. Looping

11. Working with files

12. Miscellaneous

A. IRC server commands

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